Can rock breaking lift crop yields on the black soil plains?

Project Title: Productivity on the Plains

Authors: Melissa Fraser and Claire Dennerley PIRSA Rural Solutions SA, Struan via Naracoorte

Funded by: Natural Resources South East through funding from the National Landcare Program

Key Messages:

  • The Reefinator successfully crushed subsurface rocks to a size suitable for seed bed preparation.
  • Two passes with the Reefinator was determined as the optimum to adequately bust up the rock; the first at 15cm deep and the second pass at 40cm deep.
  • The FAE stone crusher can crush rocks to any size, right down to powder, but is very slow; soil chemistry is likely to be affected.
  • Raised beds can now be formed to assist with the drainage and aeration in the crop root zone.
  • The site will be monitored in 2018 to assess yield responses in comparison to previous seasons

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