GRDC Drought Recovery info

Planning guide for farmers recovering from drought

This report was commissioned by GRDC to assist growers and advisers in making the complex decisions that will be necessary in planning and implementing strategies to manage the threats and opportunities for the 2016 season given the effects of past and on-going climatic and financial challenges.

The guidelines in this report have been tailored specifically for those businesses which have very limited finances to fund a cropping programme for the coming season.

It will also have some relevance to those businesses with better finances but who are also looking to reduce their risk in some parts of their enterprise.

They have been developed to help farm businesses plan a low-cost/low risk-strategy designed to return a modest profit while maximising the chances of the business continuing.

The aim is to minimise costs and risks, not maximise profit by carefully considering how much the business can afford to lose, rather than what it can potentially make.

This approach will probably mean reduced profit potential, should this season prove to be a ‘bumper’ season, but financially constrained businesses simply can’t afford the costs and risks of a full cropping program.

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