Improving Sandy Soils through understanding soil pH and soil potassium status


This project aimed to explore the concerns around a potential increase in soil acidification and depletion of potassium levels in cropping ground across the Coorong District Council.

Key outcomes were to:

1. Identify if pH was an issue in a long-term cropping paddock in the region

2. Demonstrate ways to measure spatial variability in pH across the paddock

3. Explore the variability of potassium (K) across the site

4. To share the findings with landholders and start discussions around options to address these issues to increase production on sandy soils.

Key Outcomes

– Areas of low pH that are potentially impacting on production were identified at the site

– There were variations in potassium levels across the site, however these did not appear to be linked to soil pH

– The ability to identify spatial variability can lead to cost effective management of soil constraints/limitations

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