Increasing PA Awareness and Adoption in SE of SA

This project aimed to increase the awareness and adoption of Precision Agriculture (PA) techniques in the South-East (SE) of South Australia by demonstrating how PA can be best utilised in this area to increase long term farm sustainability.

Although the adoption of guidance in the SE area has been quite widespread, the use of spatial measurement tools to identify differences in land capability & vary inputs accordingly had not been embraced.

The project aimed to address the “Innovative Practices” theme – by demonstrating the use of spatial measurement techniques to identify variations in land capabilities & then implementing changes to farm management decisions based on these results.
Key outcomes involved establishing farmer focus groups and on-farm demonstration sites to show how this developing technology can assist farmers in identifying and understanding their land capabilities better and then adopt these practices to achieve more productive and sustainable land management.

Key areas of PA that were demonstrated included;

  • Introduction to and applications of variable rate technology
  • Utilising yield and soil data to identify variability & create different input zones within a paddock.
  • Demonstrating and exploring the use of sensors to apply targeted inputs based on “real-time” crop potential. (Increasing Nutrient use efficiency & minimising environmental impact due to run-off and leaching of fertilizers).
  • Identification of soil variability using EM38 soil mapping and using the variability to develop & implement site-specific strategies to alleviate soil sodicity effects (Restoring productive capacity)

Project commenced in December 2008 and ran until December 2009

For further information please contact Felicity Turner or Telephone 0400 299 087

Final report as at 30th March 2010

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