Keith Pulse Check Discussion Group Pre-harvest Meeting

The GRDC Southern Pulse Extension project, delivered by a consortium of organisations involved in the
pulse industry across GRDC’s Southern region, provides a collaborative opportunity to increase the
knowledge of growers and advisers on sustainable pulse production, improving the Southern Region’s
capacity to maximise future growth and profitability opportunities.

Prior experience in growing pulses is not required as the purpose of the group is to increase regional
knowledge and capacity in pulse production.

The 2018 pre harvest meeting will focus on:

• Pulse storage and logistics for the upcoming harvest
• Minimising header fire risk when harvesting
• Pulse marketing update
• Crop desiccation/ crop topping
• Retaining seed
• Paddock selection for 2019

For more information or to register your interest please contact:

Your agronomist Scott Hutchings 0428 551 188
Your group coordinator Brendan Wallis 0427 017 858