Managing Sub-soil Acidity through on farm extension

This project builds on an extension workshop carried out in October 2015 to look at subsoil pH and total dissolved solids levels as restrictive layers to root growth of pasture and cropping on sandy soils in the upper south east region of South Australia.

The project aims to assist farmers in managing sub-soil acidity by undertaking on-site coring of paddocks across a range of sites.

The samples taken will be analysed, with this information to be developed into case studies and extended to local landholders.

MFMG will achieve this by undertaking the following activities:

Provide on-site coring across a range of sites

Hold an extension workshop and landholder extension activities

analyse soil samples on site at the workshop and obtain lab based analysis

communicate project activities through website, weekly newsletter and fact sheets to the growers of the South East Region.

Project start date: 30th June 2016
Project finish date: 31st January 2018

For further information or to become involved in project please contact Charlie Crozier

mobile 0427 775 822

Project funded through National Landcare Programme