Utilising Decision Support Tools – link to soil moisture probe data

1. Moisture Probes
– To access data, go to www.thealphagroup.com.au
– Under login enter in the following details: Username: mfmg Password: alpha

2. Yield Prophet
– To access reports, go to the yield prophet website www.yieldprophet.com.au
– To login; Username: mfmg Password: dst2012

As discussed at August 2012 meeting, unless you are the land-holder, please don’t adjust any of the crop information!

If you want to generate a report, generally if you look there an hour later under “reports”, it should have been generated and will appear here.

I may have to monitor this section so that we can keep the number of reports being saved here to a minimum, but will see how we go.

If you have any questions, or have any problems accessing this data, let me know.

Felicity Turner
Project Manager
MacKillop Farm Management Group
Mobile: 0400 299 087
Email: fturner@mackillopgroup.com.au