MFMG Keith Field Day Wrap Up

Monitoring Mice in Australia

CSIRO Researcher Steve Henry has spent five years looking at mouse numbers in cropping around Australia in an effort to help farmers understand when mice might be a problem and to be prepared when they become one. Farmers can get the mouse alert app to help him with data collection. For more information click here

Electronic Identification (EID) systems – what we need to know!

EIDs recently became compulsory in Victoria and it’s thought it will eventually occur in South Australia. Many use them already to make data collection easier and more accurate. We heard from James Ellis and Glencoe producer Adam Price, who uses them for his Poll Dorset and White Suffolk studs, at our Keith Field Day last week. For more information click here

Understanding soil physical properties and its implications for crop and nutrient management

Dr Melissa Fraser, from PIRSA Rural Solutions SA says it’s important to know your soils bulk density as this helps to make decisions when cropping or planting and can also help in making decisions about how to overcome physical constraints during dry years. For more information click here

Quick Winter Feed Options with Forage Cereals

Richard Prusa from Heritage Seeds spoke at the recent MFMG Keith Field Day encouraging farmers to utilise forage by either grazing or cutting for silage or hay as this provides value for their investment while also helping to clean up paddocks. He recommends that while stock prices are looking good, value add by grazing on forage cereals. For more information click here