MFMG Millicent Field Day – In partnership with Landmark and FAR Australia



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Topics include:

Winter barley – does it have a place in regions with higher yield potential compared to spring germplasm?

Winter barley is not a new crop but with a move to earlier sowing dates and a range of new European germplasm could that perception be changed? Dr Porker looks at the difference between winter and spring germplasm and its suitability for earlier sowing.

Dr Kenton Porker, SARDI

2018 in season disease update

SARDI’s highly regarded senior pathologists Hugh Wallwork and Marg Evans will discuss the latest developments in cereal crop pathology covering wheat, barley and oats.

Dr Hugh Wallwork & Dr Marg Evans, SARDI

Early sown wheat in the HRZ of SA – what are the key attributes for early sown wheat?

Nick Poole will present management approaches that are most suitable for mid-April sowing dates and asks what characteristics we are looking for in a wheat cultivar sown at this time?

Nick Poole, FAR Australia

Septoria tritici blotch control in wheat

Look at results of a GRDC funded project on Zymoseptoria tritici discussing the influence of fungicide application (timing and rates) for control of this pathogen and its interaction with genetic resistance.

Tracey Wylie and Katherine Fuhrmann, FAR Australia

Challenging the yield boundaries of barley

Key elements of barley management in a first cereal rotation position using the MFMG funded research trial at the centre as a platform for discussion.

Amanda Pearce, SARDI and Michael Straight, FAR Australia

MFMG Millicent Satellite Crop Walk

Thursday October 25 from 10.30am – 11.30am

Come along to the MFMG trial walk for members being held at Andrew Skeer’s property before the main field day .This will be an opportunity to hear about local MFMG trial work including a canola variety update, soil moisture probes discussion and the latest tactics for management of herbicide resistant ryegrass in the HRZ.

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