Glimpsing South Australia’s future climate
Climate change projections indicate that SA’s climate in the decades ahead will be different to that of the past. Farmers will need to modify their practices to manage the risks presented by the change in climate.

Wheat and Sheep Production in a changing climate in SA
By 2030, the South East regions are likely to experience an increase in temperature of at least 0.6 degrees and a decrease in rainfall of at least 2%. By 2070, temperatures could be 1.5 – 3 degrees higher and rainfall could be 5 – 20% lower.


Water Resources in a changing climate for southern South Australia
Water availability is a key issue in Australia. A changing climate will place greater demand on water resources. We need to factor the risks associated with climate change into the ways we use water.

Grain marketing considerations under climate change scenarios
Climate change may have major impacts on grain marketing in Australia, especially producers.

The implications of climate change for insurable climate risks
Australia’s agricultural sector is likely to become more exposed to the risks of climate change. Insurance can help producers face the challenge of adapting to those risks.