Irrigating White Clover

Evaluating Drop Tube and Sprinkler Irrigation for White Clover Seed Production

This project is now complete. The were aims to compare white clover seed yield irrigated with drop tubes and sprinkler irrigation. With the sprinklers being new IWOB sprinklers and old, unregulated sprinklers.

Apart from comparing three different irrigation application methods, the project compared the seed yield obtained from variable rates of applied irrigation via the drop tube and the IWOBs.

Project supported by RIRDC, Senniger, SENRMB and Water Dynamics.
For further information contact Lou Koch 0429 65 1114 or James DeBarro 0417 946 053.

2010 – 11 season update
Snapshot of 2011 / 12 Irrigation season’s results

Impacts of Centre Pivot Irrigation on White Clover Seed Production

This Executive Summary is taken from the Final Report of the RIRDC and SENRCC funded research investigating centre pivot irrigation impacts on white clover seed production at Frances and Bool Lagoon in South Australia. The research was conducted by James De Barro, Alpha Group Consulting, and was completed in August 2009 and is RIRDC publication number 10/005.

Executive Summary available on request

Dripline Irrigation on White Clover

The aim of this trial was threefold.

Firstly, was to reduce the delivery losses that are associated with the use of standard sprinkler packages in windy and high temperature conditions. The drip lines delivered water at the surface, with a consequent reduction in drift and evaporation and improvements in water use efficiency.

Secondly, the trial examined the impacts on crop yield below the commonly accepted rate required under pivot in the Frances area.

Thirdly, the assessment of the use of dripline to help improve the problem of ponding of water in the pivot track wheels.

Final Report

Trial was conducted over the 2008/09 season and supported by