Gold Sponsor – 1 Year

$5,500.00 incl. GST



At our field days, workshops and other events we invite you to (when appropriate):
• Display promotional material; and
• Have free admittance for your staff.

We will provide you with the opportunity to:
• Display your logo and promote your products in printed newsletters and booklets produced throughout the year;
• Display your logo on our website;
• Have information and links to your website included in our weekly email forwarded to our members every Monday morning;
• Receive an annual trial results book for up to 2 of your staff as nominated;
• Have access to the member only areas of our website for as many staff members as required; and
• Have one colour half A4 page advertisement in our annual trial results book.

At our events, we will give you:
• The opportunity to network with members, researchers and others; and
• The opportunity for interaction and discussion with our Board and Operations Committee.