“Improved soil water data decisions across the South East cropping region” is a MFMG project kindly funded by SAGIT.

With a dry start for some of the sites it is good to see that we have now had some decent rainfall events across the district. All of the research sites have been sown to a varying range of crops including Faba beans, canola, wheat and Persian clover. The crops vary in growth stages from 2-3 leaf to germinated but not yet emerged. Along with plant counts and general site assessments each month, penetrometer readings to a depth of 60cm will also be taken. A penetrometer measures the resistance of the soil to vertical penetration (i.e. root growth), where highly resistant soils can restrict root growth, water infiltration & ultimately extraction by the plants. This will hopefully complement the moisture probe data, improving our understanding of the dynamics in the soil. So watch this space and in the coming weeks we should see some active root growth in the moisture probe data!


If you are not currently able to access the moisture probe data and would like to do so, please contact us.