Good Clover Bad Clover MLA Producer Demonstration Site Project

Oestrogenic clover is thought by many to be an issue of the past, but a joint project under MLA’s Producer Demonstration Site program with the MacKillop Farm Management Group and Ag KI is proving otherwise.

This project involves visual assessments and laboratory tests of 25 paddocks from 10 properties across the South East region of SA and on Kangaroo Island. The results so far are listed in an update by project manager Tiffany Bennett.

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Good Clover Bad Clover Case Studies

The ‘Good clover bad clover’ project has focused on increasing producer awareness of the issues encountered with oestrogenic clovers, developing skills in ‘bad’ clover identification and implement strategies to overcome issues.

Two focus farms were established to be centres for the upskilling of other producers. These were Richard Kirkland’s at Furner in the South East, and Simon Veitch’s property on Kangaroo Island. This report provides details on both focus farms and also one other property on Kangaroo Island involved in the project.

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