The Future of Livestock with MFMG

After a strategic planning session in early 2014 recommendations were put forward that Mackillop Group become representatives of cropping, livestock and irrigation in the South East of SA and Far Western Victoria region.

The South East Prime Livestock Achievers (SEPLA) and the MacKillop Irrigation Management Group (MIMG) were officially discontinued at the 2014 Annual Genreal Meeting but it’s main functions were incorporated by MFMG.

In an endeavour to represent mixed farming the Mackillop Group have recently appointed a Livestock Project Officer to compliment the existing Operations and Technical Officer position who is managing cropping trials and extension.

Please either give a Board or OpsCommittee member a call if you wish to discuss this further .

Adapting to Dry & Variable Conditions

A presentation made by MFMG & Rural Solutions SA Livestock Consultant, Tiffany Bennett in response to conditions faced in the Upper South East as at 24th September 2015. These have helpful tools, equations and information managing livestock in dry times.


“Sheep pay … sometimes better than crop and often better than cattle. With good management, sheep need not be labour intensive. In fact, there are many valid reasons to keep sheep in a mixed farm business.”


MFMG were successful in receiving funding to conduct two cattle projects in the south east of SA and the western district of Victoria from 2019-2021.

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