“Sheep pay … sometimes better than crop and often better than cattle. With good management, sheep need not be labour intensive. In fact, there are many valid reasons to keep sheep in a mixed farm business.”

Many of our members ask the question about labour efficiency within the sheep enterprise particularly in relation to some of the expensive sheep handling equipment that is now available on the market. Does it really save on time and money?

Well, the quick answer is that good management and budgeting are a key part of keeping sheep and this can often include key pieces of equipment that work towards creating more efficiency.   READ MORE

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Mums with Multiples

Managing fecund flocks to improve the performance of triplet dams and their lambs There has been a significant increase in scanning rates, which has lead to an increase in the percentage of triplet bearing ewes. Triplet bearing ewes and their lambs are at higher risk...

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EAS Annual Report 2018

The 2018 Regional Benchmarking Report and 2018 EAS Annual Report have been released. The Enhanced Abattoir Surveillance program provides health, condition and disease feedback to South Australian producers that has been detected at Thomas Foods International...

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Diverse Feed Base in a Mixed Farming

Using the Diverse Feed Base in a Mixed Farming Business Are you interested in exploring your feed base, where it sits with regards to animal demand, and how to utilise it in a mixed farming system? Do you want to improve your skills in assessing, calculating and...

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Using standing crops to finish lambs

Using standing crops to finish lambs and protect paddock health Alison Frischke, BCG Take home messages • Standing crops are a nutritious and profitable feed source to use later in the season for weaning and finishing lambs on. • They provide excellent groundcover and...

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Good Clover Bad Clover Field Day

Oestrogenic clovers can significantly impact lambing percentages and these two fact sheets will help you to identify the 'bad' clovers and give you tips on how to manage your sheep while grazing oestrogenic pastures The clovers which are highly oestrogenic are...

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Preparing Farm Business for Climate Change

Climate Glimpsing South Australia's future climate Climate change projections indicate that SAs climate in the decades ahead will be different to that of the past. Farmers will need to modify their practices to manage the risks presented by the change in climate. Read...

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Livestock Research

Archival Livestock Research MFMG archived livestock research from the Struan Research Centre. To view the information you are interested in, please click on the heading and it will take you to the individual papers that have been collated The Coolalee as a Prime Lamb...

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Flystrike – Lucilia cuprina

Brendan Voss, Elders - Livestock Production Advisor, South-East SA With high levels of moisture from long awaited winter rainfall and the warmer months approaching, this year is shaping up to be perfect conditions for the dreaded blowfly Lucilia cuprina. Lucilia...

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Productive Pastures for Sheep

The Productive Pastures for Sheep field day was held on 19 September 2016 at Binnum Hall. Not everybody could attend and those that did have requested a reminder of the information received on the day. So, we will be putting the handouts and presentation information...

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Automated Condition Scoring Project

Automated Condition Scoring Project We plan to develop an automated condition scoring system for sheep that will allow objective body condition measures to be taken immediately off-shears. The development of automated, objective body condition scoring systems will...

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