Automated Soil Moisture Probes

Exploring Automated Soil Moisture Probes in irrigated broadacre cropping systems

Farmer knowledge gaps still appear to exist in parts of the South-East around the use of soil moisture probes in broadacre systems (both irrigated and dryland cropping systems).

Historically, some work was conducted with scheduling around gypsum blocks and neutron probe systems, however not as much with the capacitance probes that utilise telemetry systems so that continual logging can be utilised to track moisture movement through the soil, and monitor the uptake of moisture by the plants being grown.

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Dryland Soil Moisture Probe and Weather Station Pilot Project

A project identified through the PIRSA 2015 Premium Food and Wine Co-Innovation cluster program and the MFMG: “Cropping – Collaboration across the Limestone Coast to enhance innovation and profitability”

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